Converting a 1990 Mercury 9.9 to 15.

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by MrMoser223, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. MrMoser223

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    I want more out of my motor without having to buy a new motor. So if someone is bored and wants to tell me the parts I need to do this conversion. Thanks guys.
  2. Flyline

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    Depend on year of the motor.

    I'm going to pick up mine. It's 05' mercury 9.9hp 2-stroke converted to 18hp by swap bigger carb, exaust tuner, and reeds. It's aint cheap to do it.

    U can find a used parts like 15hp carb and maybe a reed plate or exaust tuner. So I don't know about yours.

    If I were you...sell your 9.9hp and look for 15hp 2-stroke.

    Converted from 9.9hp to 15hp plus is really expensive. It's about 600 bucks to do it.

  3. Peter2006

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    Carb is Identical part number but the 9.9 and 15 pistons and block are different. Must be the porting, because new replacement pistons are the same number.