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Console Placement Preference

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Whether you are happy where yours is or wish you'd done differently, do you prefer center, offset or side? I'm in line waiting to start an Ankona Advent build. I'll be alone 75% of the time and didn't know if an offset would produce a lean that would be a pain even with trim tabs. I like the idea of having a larger space to walk either while fighting a fish or filling the live well. Your thoughts?
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I prefer a center console. I currently have a BT micro with a side console and really don’t like it. I prefer to stand or at least have the ability to stand and run a boat comfortably.
Only been in boats that have a center console (mine, Maverick HPX models, Action Crafts, many Mitzis, Bossmans Skimmers, Egrets and more) and I've often wondered the same. I almost wonder if you could offset the weight of the off center console with batteries, put the trolling motor on the other side, if applicable, etc. I know you could in mine. And damn it would be so much nicer trying to shimmy by the console.
B2 w/ side console. Can’t get a skiff w/o a side console is a deal breaker for me.
There will be a lean at slow speeds. However I just slide left when putting skiff on trailer or move cooler to back left. No issue while running. Little more tab to level it. Does cause boat to run a little flatter doing so. Only if at full speed. Non issue with passenger.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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