Cone of windy weather

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fuzzy_Bruce, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Since most of Florida is in the cone of death   bad hair windy weather, I've decided to move to my storm garage from my summer home. I hope it survives the next few days.


    As you see, it is for sale, if it survives.
    The garage has a fully stocked import only beer fridge and mostly import stocked bar. Sorry folks, by the time the gladesmen and the kayaks are brought in there isn't room for mini-skiff or even an extra shotglass.

    Here's hoping all within the cone stay safe for the next few days! I'll be learning how to tie some new to me knots and fly leaders.
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    now that's funny! ;D

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    You learned how to do that room addition on "This Old Box" back when "In Living Color" was on. ;D ;D ;D ;D That was my favorite skit. :D :D :D