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Conchfish 16

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Since everyone doesn’t have IG or not a member of, I will doing a build thread here. I started today build a strong back and was also able to cut some mold frames out. Here’s is the progress so far.
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If this is gonna be like a Whip then I too would love to follow along.
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Travis I am amazed and intimidated by how quick you are getting this skiff built! Looks fantastic so far, a home built Whip that's gonna be better then the original, I can't tell you how cool that is to me.
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It would be real neat to see one of CMs boats stretched out to 20’. Does he have any plans for a 20’ skiff, especially with a tunnel?
I thinks it’s been done, or something very close, might even be or become a production boat...
[QUOTE="Chris Morejohn, post: 640890, member: 7559"
Now if wanting a 20’ hull just take the design you like of mine, contact me and we could stretch the design of most all my skiffs that are 18’ long to start with.[/QUOTE]

Chris, if you were stretching a Chonch to 20’, would you stay with the same laminate schedule, three layers of 10oz inside and out up to the spray rails and two above... or would you change that?
1 - 4 of 743 Posts
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