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Conchfish 16

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Since everyone doesn’t have IG or not a member of, I will doing a build thread here. I started today build a strong back and was also able to cut some mold frames out. Here’s is the progress so far.
Floor Sport venue Flooring Drawing
Wood Floor Plywood Hardwood Lighting
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You’re welcome to see the process anytime after I get started.
I work down in Freeport and would really enjoy swinging by sometime to see your progress. Im tossing around the idea of doing a build also (Like everyone following this thread lol). Having a local build to follow would be really great with seeing first hand what it takes to build one of these one off skiffs.

Corey, I actually live down in Richwood and am starting my build, I’m about done cutting out the stations and am going to build the strong back soon. You are welcome to come by and look whenever!
That would be great, Thanks man.
1 - 2 of 743 Posts
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