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Conchfish 16 on Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat

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VERY COOL - looks great!
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Can't wait to see that thing in person. Looks absolutely gorgeous!
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I had the pleasure last Friday to meet up with Angelo Genovese one of the builders of this Conchfish16 while I was in town to see my new granddaughter.
The guys did a great job. They have along with others that have completed their own CONCHFISH builds are showing the skiff community that regular guys can build some of the best skiffs around.
Truth is this skiff is a wood strip plank epoxy hull and cored glass for the rest. They strayed from my plans in many ways by wayyyy over building. She’s built like a tank, or like a miniature Merritt. But she still performs to today’s top end skiff stringent standards.
The guy that started the build has kept a very detailed cost sheet that I will publish as soon as he sends it to me.
Total cost for this skiff including the Tohatsu 30 and a rolls tricked out trailer was $18,000.00.
Now look at her detail of build and rigging and you could say she is right there with the top end of costly high priced skiffs of today. Subtract their store bought prices and there’s a bunch of cash to go towards labor costs.
But when asking them about lost fishing time vs building their own skiff, they all say it’s “priceless”
Well done I say.
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