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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by FSUfisher, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. FSUfisher

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    Forgive me as this may be long-winded. My computer has seemed to have a mind of its own recently. Above this, it has been running pretty slow and seems to lose memory somehow. For example, it tries to load things that are already on the computer, like the monitor. I got a message saying that the monitor software had not passed Windows XP testing and was dangerous to install. When I view the processes on the task manager, I get a lot of rundll32.exe svchost.exe files running at once. Is this a problem? I have Spyware Doctor, which is always updated and run regularly, and the free edition of AVG, which I'm not sure even works.
    Now I had a popup for Antivirus Pro 2009, a PIA rogue spyware that destroyed my girlfriend's computer and cost mega bucks to fix. Any suggestions? I know some of you are pretty computer savvy. Thanks guys for the help!
  2. Brett

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    To get rid of antivirus-pro-2009 use this:

    to improve performance try piriform's Ccleaner:
    clean your hard drive of temp files
    clean your registry of useless items

    update your monitor's driver

  3. skinny_water

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    That program is spyware. You also need to run and updated version of an anti-virus to clean it out. I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago on my work computer. Kept getting alot of pop-ups too.
  4. tom_in_orl

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    My rule of thumb is if it takes more than an hour or two to figure out whats wrong or you can not be sure that your really fixed the issue (especially a virus, spyware, or trojan) then you are better off starting from scratch. I would recommend reloading the operating system. Its the only way to be sure that you get your computer back to normal. Just remember to save your data first............
  5. FSUfisher

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    Thanks guys! The CCleaner freed up a lot of space and it's amazing how many viruses I had that my two programs could not find yet Malewarebytes did. The computer is running a lot better as of right now. One of these days I do want to save all my stuff and start new again.

    BTW, if anyone sees anything on their computer about Antivirus Pro 2009, beware!!! This program will totally hack your computer and currently cannot be fixed by any antivirus or spyware program once it's set its roots in your system. It won't even let the user install any of these types of programs in the first place.
  6. Brett

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    Don't forget to run defrag after running Ccleaner.
    After eliminating all the crud, you'll have open areas
    scattered all over your hard drive. Defrag will repack
    the files in a more efficient pattern, allowing more speed.
  7. Kemo

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    Also check out Spyware Detector at .
    It is the best, though not free, but cheap. Also get their Registry Cleaner.

    Kemo :cool:
  8. Un-shore

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    Which one is spyware?
  9. Gramps

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    Antivirus Pro 2009
  10. tom_in_orl

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  11. Brett

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    I like my brother's answer to me regarding hackers,
    viruses, malware in general:

    malware is to computers,
    as termites are to houses,
    it's not if, it's when.

    The big kick now is social engineering,
    why try to sneak it in, when you can get
    people to install it for you. Click on the close window
    button, and that's all it takes to start the installation.
    Got a pop up you don't like,
    use the alt f4 method to kill the window.
    Don't mouse click it anywhere.
  12. FSUfisher

    FSUfisher Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help guys! I'm gonna go the cheap route for now and pay extra attention to all the details and find the steps I can take myself to help prevent these things from happening. It's hard justifying spending $50+ on an antivirus that MAY work when I can't even afford an outboard right now. ::)

    P.S. If anyone happens to find someone who creates these horrible e-trocities, please let me know. I need a dummy to test my concrete canoe in Alligator Lake. ;D
  13. Brett

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    Very effective free anti-virus
    and firewall combination
    for XP and Vista

    download and save to disk

    uninstall existing antivirus and firewall

    install only the options of comodo antivirus and firewall software
  14. Brett

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    And just to show there's no such thing as a free lunch,
    I was handed a computer tower today by a co-worker who shook
    her head and said "Try, please, all my pictures are on there."
    Her kid had installed Limewire and downloaded a bunch of music.
    Embedded in the mp3's was a particularly nasty trojan-rootkit.
    Attempting to play what was thought to be "free" music installed
    the malware. Looks like I get to go hunting this weekend.
    Admittedly it's a digital format, but it's still the opportunity
    to kill something nasty, and it will be an MTA. It's the TDSS trojan.
    Registry hooks, invisible files, website redirecting and blocking,
    software installation blocking. Well written bit of nasty code,
    I'm so easily entertained.

    (MTA = might take awhile)
  15. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    BTW, windows has a disk cleaner on it, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools

    I use it weekly and it works well. Disk defrag is in the same file. Create shortcuts for both on your desk top.

    No matter what you do, find a way to get virus protection on your computer. Well worth the money. More of a priority than saving for an outboard IMO. They can steal your personal info and you could lose more than the $50. There is no other way that I know of to keep these things from happening.

    Also, explorer has a tool to delete temp internet files to free up a lot of space. Under tools the first tab is "delete browser history" there is four options, don't delet all. Especially your passwords.

    Other web browsers may have the same tool box.

    From what I know, free downloads are the basic setup, if you wan't full protection you will need to buy the full version. You need the full version.
  16. Brett

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    Oh boy was that fun...
    The TDSS trojan makes itself invisible,
    and write protects itself under windows os.
    Keylogger, browser redirects,
    prevents antivirus-antimalware installs and operation.
    It looks for passwords and account numbers, nasty bugger.
    Only way to kill it was to start in DOS and
    manually delete the 6 files it needs to survive.
    I do enjoy a good search and destroy, even digital ones.

       [smiley=skull-n-bones.gif]       [smiley=bigun2.gif]
  17. Canoeman

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    Brett, you're killing the wrong virus. You need to find the one who wrote it and...well, you'll think of something.
  18. Brett

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    Actually, the viruses aren't the real problem,
    there's always going to be people who take advantage
    of poorly written software. The problem is the rush to
    get software into the market to make money. Let the buyers
    worry about and find the problems. Then the suppliers will
    fix only those problems found. Capitalist sytem, do only
    what you have to, increase profits, save time, make more money.
    If it ain't making money, they're out of business.