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Yamaha Outboard Wiring Color Coding

This information was from another source but is probably accurate.

BLACK = Ground
RED = Battery Positive; SW3 Oil warning red light V4
YELLOW = Ignition ON 12-volts; Four-stroke lighting coil
BLUE = Instrument lights; choke; choke circuit; Ground potential oil transfer; High speed Charge Coil
GREEN = Tachometer signal; lighting coil lead; knock sensor
ORANGE = Trim position sensor
PINK = Oil and overheat signal ground
WHITE = Ignition stop circuit; SW1 oil transfer off position V4
BROWN = Starter circuit; Low speed charge coil; Positive "+" potential to oil transfer pump; SW2 transfer on position V4
GRAY = Warning circuit lead; Over-rev. control; Four-stroke tachometer
SKY BLUE = Trim up
LIGHT GREEN = Trim down
YELLOW/Red = Diagnostic lead from ECU
PURPLE = ECU groud to enrichment solenoid V76
BLACK/Yellow = Thermo sensor
BLACK/Red = Remote oil tank ground return, PBS to tachometer, Low speed charge coil
BLACK/White = Ignition coil primary lead
GREEN/Blue = Crank position sensor
GREEN/Red = Red oil warning light ground through SW3 in main tank oil sensor to tachometer
GREEN/White = Crank position sender; Lighting coil lead to rectifier
BLUE/Green = Main tank oil level sensor SW2 oil transfer circuit
BLUE/Red = Main tank oil level sensor SW3. No oil warning circuit
BLUE/White = Main tank oil level sensor SW1; Oil transfer OFF circuit
BLUE/Yellow = Shift cut switch
PURPLE/Red = OX66 #1 injector
PURPLE/Black = OX66 #2 injector
PURPLE/Yellow = OX66 #3 injector
PURPLE/Green = OX66 #4 injector
PURPLE/Blue = OX66 #5 injector
PURPLE/White = OX66 #6 injector
RED/Yellow = Key on power through fuel relay pump; power to ECU; Fuel pump and fuel injectors
WHITE/Red = #1 pulser V6
WHITE/Black = #2 pulser V6
WHITE/Yellow = #3 pulser V6
WHITE/Green = #4 pulser V6
WHITE/Blue = #5 pulser V6
WHITE/Brown = #6 pulser V6
YELLOW/White = Electric fuel pump for electric carb system (ECS)

If anyone needs yamaha voltage and/resistance specs to go with above info pm me with your model/serial numbers and I will get for you. Too many to post up!
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