chunky thighs, thin waist and a slender nose...

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  1. deerfly

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    dredging through piles of old slides is getting kinda fun.  :cool:

    If I recall, this guy was either up in Terrapin Bay or one of the tidal creeks out at East Cape/southern Lake Ingraham area. The water looks a little too deep for Terrapin bay, so I'm thinking East Cape area. Anyway, shapely critter ain't he? :)

    Any Flamingo WWB side regulars should recognize this face. He was a regular fixture at the ramp and cleaning table area for quite a few years. Maybe some of you regulars down there know whether he's still around or not. I'd guess he was around 13' or so when this was taken.
  2. Un-shore

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    I think I saw him in Griffs. ;)

  3. iMacattack

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    Looks a lot like the one swimming around Terrapin a couple weeks ago... :eek:
  4. MATT

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    Very good Sir point to you....
  5. Flyline

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    Gators love pink flamingos in flamingo, east cape, hell's bay, griffen bay, and 13 rows marsh creek.

    If I ever seen him then I'm gotta BBQ his gator tail and gators always grow their tail
  6. Kemo

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    Ugly creature. And never think that crocs are different from gators. They're worse! :eek:
  7. galleta_loco

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    Everglades fatty[​IMG]Flamingo crocs [smiley=bigun2.gif][​IMG]