Choctawhatchee Bay

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    So Monday I took Jack from California out. He had never caught a redfish before and this was his last day in FL. We started back in Santa Rosa Sound where he caught a nice little flounder. A little bit later we sighted fished a red but he got off before we could get him to the boat. We then had one of the biggest trouts I have seen swim under the boat in about 7" of water. After lunch we moved out into the bay up by Eglin AFB. There is a creek that runs into Jack Lake that is in Eglin AFB property. It is where I caught my first redfish on the fly years ago. The water is really high in the bay so the creek was actually flowing into the lake. 10 yard into the creek, Jack hooks into a nice 3 pound large mouth bass. Just inside the lake, he hooks into another one. So we leave the creek and it is starting to get time to get home as he has to catch his plane. We are poling on the flat outside the creek and I spot a red and Jack nails it with his cast and on the last cast of the day, he gets his redfish. So he caught 2 bass and one redfish on the same lure within 100 yards of each other. We are calling it the Brackish Grand Slam. Flounder, redfish and large mouth bass. IMG_0999.JPG
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    Way to put your buddy on 'em. Brackish Grand Slam. Got a nice ring to it!
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