Cheap auto painter?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by firecat1981, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    Dang women!

    Ok heres the deal, my wife never washes her car, and we live in Florida cursing..........napa's touch up paint didn't match.........

    You get the picture, the car is a lease and we need it reprayed so we can turn it in on another. I'm sanding it all down and getting it prepped.

    So does anyone know of a dirt cheap auto body place, besides maaco, in or near Lakeland? One that will do a fairly passable job?
  2. makin moves

    makin moves Well-Known Member

    go to a local dealer they usally have guys that come out and repaint bumpers and touch up scratches there always up to make some quick cash and they will come out to you

  3. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    I need the whole car painted, I spent the day sanding it down and in most cases has to go all the was down to metal/rubber cause the damage was so bad. A bad lesson to learn, but a driveway job isn't gonna cut it. The bugs actually ate through the paint and dimpled the rubber under it. I'll do all the prep work, just need an ok place to get her sprayed. Hell, honestly I don't care if the paint peels in 2 months, just needs to look good enough to turn it in.
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