Changing Johnson 25 hp to a 35 hp??

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by blondmonkey777, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Have read a few things on the internet that says that the block for them are the same for 20hp,25,hp,30hp and 35 hp what all would be involved with changing it? I was thinking just the carb
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    I would look at the parts diagram, all the numbers and compared all of it. I did it to a yamaha 9.9 and made it a 15 all by changing the reed restrictor plates.

  3. Wheres the easiest place to find one of these?
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    343 they have good diagrams and good service
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    What year is your motor? Pre 95 only thing that needs to be changed is the Carb & Intake. In 96 and later it was an entirely different block assembly. Just an FYI it's not going to make much a difference I have done probably 50 conversions and your talking .05 shaved off your hole shot and maybe 1-2 mph increase on top speed, although it does tend to idle better.
  7. Its a 2005 what would have to be on that year model to upgrade hp and how much hp would you really gain? thanks for all the info
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    It's an entirely different block assembly; you would be better off buying a 35hp then trying to convert that one. I’m actually friends and worked for the engineer who designed the OMC 35hp. And as I said in my previous post you’re not going to realize much gain, the guys who say otherwise are also the guys who think that a K&N filter makes their car/truck faster.

    Look for a 40hp if you want more performance.
  9. Im using the 25 hp because I need a light weight motor im pretty sure that making a 2005 johnson 25 to a 30 is what just a different carb?
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    Yes the 25hp to the 30hp is only the carb, the 35hp is when the block assembly changes.
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    Just for reference my 25hp at wot starts to overpower the shadowcast anyways. Not sure more hp is going to help things.
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    Did you have the built in bow fuel tank 8gal? I rode on skinny dippin's shadowcast during the ankona weekend and we were fine with the 25 at WOT
  13. No I dont have the built in fuel tank but I wouldnt mind the extra 5 hp lol