SOLD/EXPIRED Challenger Skiff 16'

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  1. Snookdaddy

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    It is time to sell one of my most prized possessions....

    One of a kind and historically significant poling skiff!

    This boat is the epitome of South Florida poling skiffs and was constructed from the ground up as a poling skiff.  A composite cored hull makes this one of the lightest skiffs of any Challenger ever manufactured.  Perfection Industries (a manufacturer of much larger yachts) built a handful of these skiffs for market and I've been the proud owner of this skiff for over 10 years. 

    The "round chine" Challenger is synonymous with the ability to achieve plane in the shallowest of waters Flamingo has to offer. Draft is 4.5" at rest and 6" with peeps and gear.

    I'm fairly certain there's less than 10 Challengers that are still in use and I believe this is one of, if not the finest example on the water today.

    1982 Challenger Skiff with a Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke and Ram-Lin trailer. Always garage kept!

    Skiff was restored by me and a few paint experts in 2004 - 2005 with the following:

    * Professionally painted with Imron paint on the hull, deck and inside of every hatch, including epoxy coated 22 gallon aluminum baffled fuel tank.  I left the paint work to the pros! Teak spray and chine rails finished with 3 coats of West Systems UV epoxy with an additional 3 coats of Imron "high solids" clear coat.

    * Fully guttered hatches that are the driest I've ever seen.  HB was not around when this skiff was made, but I guarantee that they used some ideas from these skiffs.  Mitered hatches with tolerences  I've never seen on any skiff to date.. 

    * I personally rewired the entire hull to "Hells Bay" standards using only Ancor tinned marine grade wiring, heat shrink connections and dielectric grease on every connection. Every single electrical connection is clean and every electrical component works as new! The Blue Seas fuse box is housed in a teak box that you will ot see on any skiff today!

    *  Highest quality 316 Stainless Steel hardware throughout.

    * Teleflex NFB steering with custom aluminum steering wheel.

    * New battery as of 3/14 and wired for trolling motor with a removable "goose neck" Bluepoint trolling motor bracket.

    * Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke with approx. 350 total hours.  This Yamaha weighs only 158lbs and is in excellent shape. Gently used, but one hell of an outboard!

    * Recently refurbished Ram-Lin trailer...  including new hubs, bearings and bunks. in very good condition,  You can tow this boat to Texas tomorrow without concern..

    * ICOM VHS radio for confidence on deep glades trips..

    I rigged every inch of this skiff myself and I was extremely detail oriented in every aspect of the restoration.. There was no corners cut on this skiff..

    There is too much info to post in one thread I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.. PM me your phone number and I'll call you asap.

    Many, many pictures available, including everything during the restoration upon request.

    Exceptional fit and finish that may surpass any skiff on the market today.  Take a look and you'll see why.

    This skiff has been fished and has a few minor scratches on her hull.

    There is truly too much info to list here, so call or text for much more detailed info.

    ** There are numerous people here that have seen the skiff in person and can attest to her overall appearance and condition...

    Price is $13,000 and worth every penny..  Please call or text 863- five eight one - 0072 with any questions or serious inquiries.

    I really want this boat to go to someone that will appreciate her lineage and fish her more than I've been able to..  This skiff does not belong in a warehouse.  It should be enjoyed by someone who will fish her more than I can at this time..  I'd be happy to explain that too...


    Bob C.

    This was taken a week ago!

    Last weekend in the Glades.  This skiff catches fish... some don't.  Deck is dirty from a full day of fishing.  Cleans up like new..

    At the dock...


    My 5 year old son & I.. 2 weeks ago..



    Deep in the Glades...

    Older picture from 2 years ago with the old trailer.  Has not been out of storage much...

    Older picture, but looks the same!

    Shortly after the resto was completed, but you can see the attention to detail on my part..
  2. Parrboy

    Parrboy Pg native

    Man I've been in love with that boat since I first saw you post a pic of it. Wish I had the cash. You're gonna wish you held on to that thing. Glws

  3. Capt. Eli Whidden

    Capt. Eli Whidden Sight Fishing South Florida

    Thats a deposit on a new HB.....
  4. Kevin23

    Kevin23 I Love!

    What kind of speed do you see with that 40HP
  5. Snookdaddy

    Snookdaddy Well-Known Member

    32.5mph wide open.. 28.5mph cruise..  The boat originally had an 85hp Merc before I bought the bare hull, but I think that was overkill..  It will handle more power without issue (60 - 90hp), but I've always enjoyed shallow draft as opposed to max speed.

    It runs and handles much like the 16' Whipray or Wateman, but much drier with the "Carolina" flare hull and spray rails.  It is the driest 16' poling skiff I've ever seen been in.. bar none.. It rides like it is on rails and you really have to push the envelope to experience any slide..

    I really should keep it, but these days I mainly fly fish the beach for tarpon and I have my Waterman 18' set up exactly the way I want for this purpose. My Challenger will do the same just fine, but I've got crap on my Waterman that I wouldn't want to put on this classic.  
  6. Recidivists

    Recidivists Looking towards the weekend!

    "Parting is such sweet sorrow."
  7. Snookdaddy

    Snookdaddy Well-Known Member

    Some close ups...







    My 1st tarpon of 2014 caught on my Challenger last weekend in the Glades.. Silent on the pole!
  8. 8loco

    8loco Well-Known Member

    I think I just teared up a little.
  9. vmgator

    vmgator I Love!

    Man, I love this boat. Looks like a great deal.
  10. grovesnatcher

    grovesnatcher Well-Known Member

    Nice! What a sweet boat, I want to fish some tarpon with you! I know how to pilot a waterman ;D
  11. Stormchaser

    Stormchaser I Love!

    This is really a beautiful boat. I don't think I could part with it. GLWS
  12. Shadowcast

    Shadowcast Ankona Sales Rep

    Bobby!!! You can't sell this thing! This is a top 5 poling skiff in terms condition and the state!
  13. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    don't sell that thing.
  14. sm20cf

    sm20cf I Love!

    You're killing me!
  15. shiprock8

    shiprock8 HB Whipray 16

    This is a beautiful and truly classic skiff with real fishing history in it's bones. A once in a lifetime buy for some lucky fisherman.
  16. tunnelflat

    tunnelflat Well-Known Member

    One of the coolest skiffs I have seen for sale, secretly hoping it sticks around another month or two when I will have a bigger garage. A true piece of functional art, that should be used for many years to come.
  17. Snookdaddy

    Snookdaddy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words! It will be difficult to see this boat leave the stable..
  18. Ginclear

    Ginclear I Love!

    It's beautiful , it performs and it is priced low . Somebody needs to buy this classic who
    will use it and use it often . Shame to let superb craft like this sit in the shade for too long .
    It was way ahead of it's time when it was born and will hold it's own against many of the
    present day skiffs . Someone on this site posts " light , strong , cheap . Pick two . Very true .
    This skiff is light , strong and cheap ! Add beautiful . Add classic . Act fast before he changes
    his mind .
  19. devrep

    devrep Well-Known Member

    I wonder how many fish that beautiful skiff has had on it's deck or brought alongside?
  20. judofish

    judofish I Love!

    Truly a beautiful skiff that deserves to be loved and not pushed aside into the warehouse abyss. I have caught many a fish out of that boat and I thank you for sharing your knowledge during those early years. Good luck and I know it will be tough to let her go.