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Dear CCA Supporter,
Do you know someone who is looking for an entry level position with your favorite non-profit organization? CCA Florida is looking for someone to fill the Assistant Regional Director position. The position is in our Orlando office so candidates must live in, or be willing to relocate to, the Orlando Area.

This is an entry level position. Job functions include warehouse and inventory management, as well as assisting in the banquet and event process. The candidate must be willing and able to load and unload the CCA truck and travel to all CCA events around the state.

Interested parties should fax their resume to 407-854-1766.

Job responsibilities include:

• Maintain warehouse in a clean and orderly fashion
• Track all inventory including merchandise and art and report to Accountant
• Place all orders for merchandise inventory
• Place all orders for art inventory
• Insure accurate accounting of all merchandise and art
• Work with Accountant to properly identify all merchandise and art in inventory system
• Receive all incoming shipments and insure proper adjustment to inventory
• Pull merchandise/art for all events
• Load all merchandise/art and banquet supplies for all events
• Travel to all events.
• Promptly return merchandise/art to inventory following all events
• Promptly report banquet results/inventory adjustments to Accountant
• Maintain banquet supplies in a neat and orderly fashion
• Maintain state trip list
• Maintain database of Power Point slides for all new and current state trips.
• Maintain CCA equipment including truck and trailer in a clean and orderly fashion
• Schedule all maintenance for truck and trailer
• Train with COO as Regional Director for Ocala
• Train with GM as Regional Director for Jacksonville
• Actively identify and pursue donations at a state level

Job Candidates should posses the following qualifications and behavior traits:

• BA Degree or commensurate experience
• Experience in Sales, Marketing or Event planning a plus
• Previous experience with Non-Profit organization as volunteer or employee a plus
• CCA experience a plus
• Excellent computer skills to include proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point required
• Conservation minded
• Self motivated
• Excellent communication skills
• Hard working
• Ethical
• Professional
• Ability to handle difficult situations in a calm manner

Interested parties should fax their resume to 407-854-1766.

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Kirk, yes this position has been filled. I was fortunate enough to be hired may 1st for the assistant regional director role, and have been happily working, learning and training on how to best use my talents to help conserve and protect our fisheries and sport that we love.
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