Cayo vs Beavertail vs East Cape vs Hells Bay

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  1. Str8-Six

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    Really want some input here on these different ideas I have for my next build. I’m debating going tippier and shallower with BT Micro, ECS Caimen or Cayo 173, maybe Glide. Each would be rigged the same, no liner, Suke 30(except for glide), portable tank, no compartments, haven’t decided if side console or tiller. I would like to get close to 30mph and must float in less than 6”.

    Or going bigger and still pretty shallow with EvoX, Mosquito, or maybe Strike/Lostmen/Fury. Rigged with Suke 60, side console, no liner, no compartments and portable tank. Would like to see upper 30s and float in 7 on these.

    95% of my fishing will be in Jacksonville which 70% I will be fishing low tide looking for reds. I plan on wet testing all boats before I buy but as you can see I have a lot listed on here so trying to narrow it down. Kinda all over the place. Any input or experience with these skiffs much appreciated.
  2. Austin Bustamante

    Austin Bustamante Well-Known Member

    Lostmen side console with a 60 if you don’t have open water crossings. Stable and skinny. I’m biased though.
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  3. Cam

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    From your list, I like that Mosquito. I nearly bought a local one before my wife reminded me we "needed" a boat that can ride four comfortably and fish three. The BT Micro is small and a bit cramped for my liking but I am not a small fellow.

    I have never seen the Cayo up close so cannot comment. The ECS offerings are similar to BT IMO. Basically the same boats in capability just which cap you like better.
  4. ifsteve

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    He may be biased by he's not wrong on the Lostman. I have fished on his skiff a bunch and it is a very very stable and skinny boat. And its fine in a bit of chop....not dry but I think for the Jacksonville flats it would be a killer skiff.

    Oh and it poles like a dream.
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  5. E-money

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    I'm under 7 in a tiller Fury. I know you said side console, but I bet draft won't be much different if at all. Check out my build thread in my signature.
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  6. vantagefish

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    How many guys will you be fishing usually?
  7. Karlee

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    Glide owner checking in. I have a suzuki 20 tiller. As far as speed goes with two men and gear I high teens/ low 20s. This boat is tippy, but manageable. It really excels in the draft and dry ride categories. I am very happy with the Glide, but it's not for everyone. Have you concidered the Caimen lite?
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  8. mcraft173

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    I live in Jax and fish a glide. Its a great two person low tide boat, it has the needed draft, and is maneuverable back in the creeks. Theres been maybe 1 or 2 instances where I couldnt get to the fish on a low tide. I can also get up on the floods pretty early too. Rides dry in the IC on days you would fish, even if a little sporty. You definitely wont see 30MPH though. I've also fished my buddy's BT Micro with a 30HP - has a little more speed, but it was still just under 30mph and even though the Micro and the Glide are similar boats, the micro feels like it is a a little more boat.

    I do wish i had more speed - but - we have so many ramps here, I usually launch where I want to fish, and I focus on the 2 or 3 hours before or after the tide I want to fish in that area. Theres a lot of water to fish within 5 miles of a ramp. Go fast or not, I can never justify running very far during a tide and not fishing.

    I think knowing a little more about how you like to fish, we can give you better advice. How many people do you usually fish; do you plan to go cruising or to the sand bar. Are you tempted to run out on good days for tarpon.

    If you want to talk more - send me a PM. Maybe we can meet for a beer at black fly cafe or fish/wet test,
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  9. tbnolefan

    tbnolefan Well-Known Member

    Of the three I would look at Cayo and ECC. I'm just not impressed with the Beavertails I've been on.

    The Cayo 173 and new 180MV would fit the bill. Problem with both is the wait time is going to be significantly longer than Beavertail or ECC.
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  10. yobata

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    Add one more to your list of clean, no frills boats: Spears Evergladez
  11. T Bone

    T Bone Well-Known Member

    If you are leaning more towards the smaller, tippier, sub 6" skiff route, check out the Skull Island 16 as well. It is in the same class as the BT Micro and ECS Glide. Ive had one for a few years now and it continues to exceed my expectations.
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  12. Financekid1

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    get an old 16 Whip or waterman...then it doesnt have to be tippy and you will be sub 6". Ive seen a lot in the mid 20's. You are just going to beat it up on oyster bars anyway at low tide (I live in St. Augustine).
  13. Str8-Six

    Str8-Six I Love!

    The biggest problem is there is so many choices nowadays. It’s awesome how spoiled we are.

    I’m just going to answer some of the questions above in the post since I can never figure out quote box.

    I’ve been on a glide and I loved it!! It’s definitely up there on the list. @mcraft173 send me pm definitely down to meet up check out your glide. I mainly fish around 2 hours before/after low tide and flood tides. Usually one other person and the occasional I’ll have me and 2 other people. Caimen lite is definitely on list, I guess I can’t count out skull island or Spear. I usually don’t fish tarpon up here so not that big of a deal. Not interested in Cayo 180mv since dfaft starts at 6”. The old whips are nice but for the money I’d rather buy new EC and get a lifetime warranty. Sorry for all the info and being all over the place.

    If I can get the same draft as tippier boat on bigger skiff Lostman/Evox than I would rather do that.
  14. zlenart

    zlenart Well-Known Member

    I've been on the Cayo 173 and it's fast, silent and easy to pole. The one I was on had a tiller with a 50 tohatsu, and it still had an extremely shallow draft. I would definitely take a look at it.
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  15. mtoddsolomon

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    I'm an east cape fan, it's no shocker to anyone on here but I am for a reason. I shopped a lot of boats before pulling the trigger with ECC and I tell you this, if I were to build another skiff it'd be a Caimen lite with the 30 zuke. Graham Hegamyer is selling his Caimen lite right now and it's really badass.

    If you're looking for a bigger skiff that has almost the same draft as those skiffs come on up to Charleston and let me pole you around on my EVOx.
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  16. EvanHammer

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    Keep in mind you might get the same static draft but the smaller, lighter boat can be pushed over humps, bars, etc. and even shoved along dragging on a mud bottom while a bigger boat ain't going far once it touches bottom.
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  17. Flatsaholic

    Flatsaholic Well-Known Member

    Go test drive a Beavertail Mosquito. You will not want another boat after. I have had mine a little over a year and nothing can compare. Everyone loves it.
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  18. GullsGoneWild

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    I've got a Caimen Lite and my BIL has the BT micro. I'd pick the Caimen Lite all day long. I think the micro may pole just a hair easier but it does feel a little cramped. I was told the LITE was designed for a 30HP but when talking to EC I asked about upping the power and got approval for a 40HP. Seeing speeds of 31MPH at WOT by myself and w a tail wind. 28MPH with 2 dudes. Handles big and rough water surprisingly well for its size. I had a 14 gallon permanent fuel tank installed under the front hatch. No sense in building a really beautiful skiff only to ruin the aesthetics by putting in a red fuel tank.
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  19. Shadowcast

    Shadowcast Ankona Sales Rep

    I wet tested the Caimen with Kevin shortly after they came out. Of the ones you listed, it would be tops on my list. I have always loved the Caiman. a bigger ride, I'm really impressed by the EVOx. I also spent some time with Coty Garrett's Spear Glades X (I think) and was really impressed.
  20. Dawhoo

    Dawhoo Well-Known Member

    If someone ever needed a population to do research on the topic of tribalism... I truly believe microskiffers would be the ideal group.
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