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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DavidIvey, May 6, 2012.

  1. Looking for a new rod to put under a Lews Speed Spool Tournament baitcaster. I dont want to spend over 100 bucks, must be atleast 7' and Medium action.

    I have 4 Vendetta Medium Heavy rods so that's why I want a medium.

    Im currently looking at:

    Cabela's Prodigy MicroGuide
    TFO Gary Loomis Signature Series Casting Rod
    Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Casting Rod

    Any other suggestions? I'll be buying it from Cabelas since I can drive there easily.
  2. Shadowcast

    Shadowcast Ankona Sales Rep

    I have a St. Croix Mojo Bass topwater rod that I use for bass, reds,snook, and trout on topwater. I love it. Best baitcaster I've owned for $100.

  3. Cody_F

    Cody_F 2012 ankona copperhead 60etec

    The tfos's have had some bad reviews online..same with wright mcgills..Iv got the new carrot stix
    wild green , a tad over your budget its 129.00 , But iv had some big fish run under the boat with it and unlike the old orange carrots it will NOT break and cast like a dream , Its My new favorite rod ill deff be buying a couple more. check it out.
  4. Cody_F

    Cody_F 2012 ankona copperhead 60etec

    Also look into the shimano crucial series..again a tad over budget but they come with over the counter warranty at bps and cabelas if it breaks , no receipt necessary. Probably get one used for cheap. Also a shimano teramar for 119.00 , sorry for the over budget suggestions.
  5. I was looking to get a Carrot at first, but after reading about them breaking I decided against it. I looked at the Carrot Stix Wild Black, which is 129, but there is only one review of it on Cabelas and the thing broke. :eek:
  6. Cody_F

    Cody_F 2012 ankona copperhead 60etec

    i seen that to , deff not the case with me , iv pulled 35" snook out from under the pier while pier fishing with no problem.  Your best bet IMO would be the crucial or teramar , Both great rods , and shimano has GREAT warrantys.  I will say stay away from all-stars , my last couple have all snapped , i used to be a fan but no more.  But my fav ( until it breaks knock on wood ) is the wild green carrot.
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