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Discussion in 'General Fishing' started by State fish rob, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. State fish rob

    State fish rob Active Member

    looking for new cast net. 8' -12' diameter. Have only used low end nets thus far
    All suggestions appreciated thanks ahead of time
  2. fjmaverick

    fjmaverick Well-Known Member

    Tim wade
    What kind of bait are you after?
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  3. Megalops

    Megalops Rex Kwan Do Dojo

    Throwing a 8ft Calusa 3/8th mesh. Good all purpose net for my skiff. Heard nothing but good things about Tim Wades. Got a buddy who runs a Dorado 23 and he loves his TW.
  4. KnotHome

    KnotHome "I got to stop wishin'. I've got to go fishin

    Check out Brunson:
    They're very helpful if you go in their shop (in Alabama), and I imagine it'd be the same if you call. Tim Wade, Calusa, and other high end nets are nice, but it doesn't cost a fortune to buy a net that opens.
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  5. State fish rob

    State fish rob Active Member

    Typically3"to 6" mullet & menhaden. 3' to 15' of water
    How about contact info for tw. Thx
  6. fjmaverick

    fjmaverick Well-Known Member

    (321) 729-9537
    He can make you what ever you need
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  7. Gatorgrizz27

    Gatorgrizz27 I Love!

    IMO it depends on how good you are at throwing the net. A net with more lead will sink faster in deep water, and a larger net can catch more bait per cast. However, if you aren't the strongest thrower in the world, a smaller, lighter net is much easier to throw, manage, go through after a cast, and continue throwing rather than becoming worn out.

    4-5 perfect casts with a 12' net might fill the livewell, but so will 10-15 pretty decent casts with a 6' net.
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  8. Backwater

    Backwater Fly Fishing Shaman

    Nets are sold in radius lengths, not diameter. I recommend a general purpose net like a heavily weighted 3/8", tho the bait and depth you are in will be better with 1/2", tho you either lose or gill smaller baits. If just fishing by yourself or 1 other person, an 8ft will work. If 2-3 people, maybe a 10ft. If more than 3, a 12ftft net, but you better have a good back.

    Nothing replaces a good quality net. Junky cheap nets gets you crappy results.

    LEarn how to properly chum bait and one or 2 throws will be all you need to do to turn your livewell black with bait. Also good hi-flo bait pumps are a must in hot weather and hot water.
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