Carbon Marine tiller extension

Discussion in 'The Commercial Zone' started by element, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. element

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    I purchased a tiller extension from Joe at Carbon Marine shortly after taking delivery of my new Copperhead. I love it. It is good looking, light and does the job it was intended to do. Why I am writing isto to testify to the strength of this thing. I was pulling my boat out of the garage the other day and I stupidly left the tiller extension tilted up. It hit one of the hurricane bars on the garage door and bent both the bar and the door. Yes, the tiller cracked a little, but did not break! It basically wrecked a garage door and only suffered a couple of cracks. I have put a little tape on it and it is as good as new. How can something so light be so strong. Great product. George
  2. rkmurphy

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    I did this the other day with my homemade PVC extension. Luckily even Sched 40 PVC has a little give and it got out okay. I don't think it could of held up like a tiller pillar if it was as stiff.

    I eventually want to get one of the grab bars to mount on my Igloo in the J16

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    I did the same thing but mine did break.... :-/