Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by orlgheenoer, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    I fished on a 17.8 today.

    Its the best boat ever made for anything, trolling for marlin or stalking reds on the flats it Is the most sick vessel in the world.


    Theres no convincing me other wise this time. ;D
  2. beavis

    beavis Well-Known Member

    marlin ???? ;D ;D

  3. captnron

    captnron Guest

    I cleaned it up a little fer ya. ;)

    I'll decide for myself after I've fished (more likely poled ;D) one. Of course, catching a Marlin off it would have some impact on my thoughts. ;)
  4. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    The boat is friggin sick, no lies, eats a friggin chop, poles like a dream, looks like a model, runs like a scolded dog and jumps up like MJ in a playoff game.
  5. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Well after carefull research, you are just plain WRONG. [smiley=tongueout.gif] [smiley=bootyshake.gif]  See "Perfect Boat" on another forum.  You know where ;) [smiley=1-biggrin.gif]
  6. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    Yeah the caimen ::)

    Another great inovation to the skiff market by ECC :eek:
  7. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    easy there spitfire. :mad:

    i am buying a sea ray, better boat for the ghoon anyway.
  8. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Best ALL round true "flats" boat... run from 200' to less than 2'... EGRET BABY! All others are just players!
  9. captnron

    captnron Guest

    And they look good in Black. ;)

    You should get one big enough to be the mothership fer da noe.. :cool: