SOLD/EXPIRED Canon DSLR - rebel xs

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    for those wanting to upgrade from a point and shoot or start getting into photography, the canon rebel xs is a very good choice...

    mine is being sent back to canon-usa this week, and after being fixed it will be up for sale.(approx -2 weeks)

    it shoots great pictures, and i have 3 different lenses that are available, however, i would prefer to keep them, as you may have very different wants from a lens than i do.

    whats included then?

    Canon Rebel xs
    neck strap
    lens door cover
    rechargable canon battery
    canon battery charger.

    i will likely include the 2gb scandisk that will hold about 450 pictures in large format(10.1mp)

    whys it going back to canon?

    it has an error 99 that keeps coming up and i cant get it rid of, google error 99 and you will see it is a factory defect that they have learned to fix. this camera body is about 2.5 years old and is otherwise in very good conditions. no dust/fungus/sand/water damage on this.

    $300 obo
  2. HighSide25

    HighSide25 Well-Known Member

    sent to canon, they said it wasnt worth it for them to fix it.

    if you still want it, shoot me a price and we can discuss a fair amount.

    on the flip side, i could return it to canon and get a 7D for $1000, vs the 1600 retail price.
    or the t1i for $415 using their customer loyalty program......hmmmm