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For Sale- Canoe Creek racks, fit any pickup truck (except Dodge RAM with toolbox).

Tuff Truck Rack by Spring Creek Manufacturing

Spring Creek Manufacturing offers one of the most versatile clamp/bolt on truck racks on the market. Made from strong, durable high grade aluminum these racks are made to last. From lumber, ladders, canoes or kayaks, your hauling needs are covered. Rack includes two strong aluminum legs that can adjust from 24"-34" in height. Plus, 65" non-marking rubber top crossbar slides. There are telescoping loading bars for easier loading and wider carrying ability. Up to 20″ of added width on each side with loading bars fully extended. Loading bars extend and adjust to various widths to fit many requirements.

• Lightweight yet extremely strong and durable aluminum.
• Rust resistant.
• Weight capacity up to 650lbs
• One-time installation

*Rack Pictured has loading bars*

Will NOT work on Dodge Trucks with the built in tool boxes

I bought these racks when I had a pickup truck. When the truck died I kept them, thinking I would get another truck. Twelve years have passed, still no truck. It's time to let someone else use them.

You need eight of the pictured clamps to attach the racks to your truck, available at Lowe's or Home Depot. They are not included.

These racks sell for $350 each. I'm selling two for $450.00.
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