Can Anyone Explain this Logic?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Canoeman, Aug 28, 2009.

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    I need to move where people don't get the news of what is going on in the Capitol Building--like maybe the coast of Guatemala where I could spend time fishing or maybe somewhere inside the DC beltway. :D
  2. Brett

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    Explain what? The logic of Politics?
    Definition of polite is not to say what you think, but to say what others want to hear.
    So basically if you're being polite, you're lying.
    A professional politician never says what he thinks, only what will keep him in office.
    Politics is all about compromise, and compromise is the gray area in between right and wrong.
    So in order to be a politician, you can never do anything right.
    You always have to be doing things that are not right.
    So any professional politician who wants to stay in office, is constantly looking out for ways to say:
    "Hey, vote for me! I put umpty bazillion dollars into the local economy by being a politician."
    No, he can't say that...that would not be politic.
    What he'd say is: "Vote for me and I'll work to improve the local economy, look what I've accomplished so far."
    He can't do what's right, or he'd be voted out of office.

  3. Canoeman

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    Here's another one that's just as good brought to you by a living disgrace to the United States Marine Corps:

    Folks, that domed building in DC needs to be tented and fumigated to get rid of the cocka-roaches. :'(
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    Just look at everything they do as a means to retain their personal power ie. the office they are elected to
    If one does it will all makes sense--- nat. health care

    1. parent syndrome
    2. I am smarter than the rest of you
    3. another fear hammer to use to get ur vote>like social security is always used

    nothing is free if ur paying for the other guy its costing you more

    the gov. does nothing cheaper than the private sector

    Do not be stupid >>we did not become a great nation by being socialist