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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by brew1891, Jun 3, 2009.

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    The wife finally told me to get a new digital SLR, she is tired of the sub par pics of the baby. I have decided on the Nikon D40...mostly because of the price vs. features.

    What lenses should I get with it? I understand that the D40 needs lenses with drive motors for the AF to work and I would like to stick with Nikon lenses.

    Should I go with 18-55 and a 55-200? A single 28-200? I have this set up on my film SLR Pentax. Or a 28-80 with an 80-300?

    I found these: (same price as B&H but has a few more "extras") (never used these guys)

    Thoughts? I want to buy this bad boy by Friday
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    I bought a D40 per Tom's (and other member's) recommendation and couldn't be happier. I originally purchased the D40 with the std 18-55 lens and added the 55-200 with VR . I quickly decided I would be better off with the 18-200 VR, again per Tom's post on this forum. If you can find a body at a good price, I'm getting ready to list both the lenses (18-55 and 55-200VR) for sale. They were used maybe two weeks before I upgraded.

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    Mine is for sale. I am negotiable on price. Will also throw in tri-pod. Will ship for free!!! Here is a link to some of the pics it took last week.

    I can tell you I used to have the (non VR) 55-200mm Nikon lense that comes with the package from Ritz you are looking at. That specific lense has a problem with the auto-focus going out. I ended up buying the 18-200 mm lense because of the convenience of not having to switch lenses on the water. Plus its dangerous for the internals of the camera to be exposed to salt as you can imagine.

    Regardless of what you buy, I definitely reccommend the 18-200 mm lense.
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    I don't think I will take it on the boat that much, just for trips and such, not for normal fishing. My thought was that two lenses would be nice for around the house and normal family shots.

    But I do enjoy my 18-200 lens on my regular SLR for vacations, one lens without a lot of luggage.

    decisions, decisions....keep the thoughts coming.
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    Like I said. I have a turn key operation, ready to go. My price is not firm. I need ti unload this for school reasons. Brand new my package is over a grand. You could even sell the 18-55 mm lense and make 50 or 60 bucks extra to re-coop some cost.
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    Hope to Sell enough Plasma To Buy a D3 ....

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    Aaron's deal is a GREAT DEAL.  Somebody ought to jump on this.  I would, but I need to preserve all my Canon lenses, so I'm looking for a Canon.  Good luck, Aaron.

    Kemo   :cool:
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    This is a decent site but some of his suggestions are based on old information. It just requires more careful reading. For example he blasts the D60 because it is $300 more than the D40. However, the D60 is currently around $90 more and it comes with a VR lens. The D40 kits are standard lenses. If you upgrade the D40 to the VR lens it is the same as the D60. Not saying it's a bad site, just that some of the advice must be taken with a grain of salt or some research
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    I was given that link before I went camera shopping too. It really helps me with editing my pics, but not so much with Camera Selection. I bought the D60 and love it. I use the 18-55mm VR lense most of the time. When taking fishing pics on the boat the 18-200 is a bit to much. The D40 is the same camera with all the same options, just less Pixels, and slower shutter speed. But how bad do you need to shoot 3 frames a second in raw? lol. I have already dropped it off the platform when I was polling because the camera strap that came with the camera failed. It landed lense first on the Caimen and lived, (also invest in clear filter for protection). Both of them take great pics of everything including family.

    Buy the D40, it's a steal. The only advantage you would get by going somewhere else, aka bestbuy, would be the 4yr protection plan. And that was the seller for me....cause I'm not nice to my stuff.

    Took this pic using the 18-55mm VR, on the D60.
  12. brew1891

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    I bought a D60 with the 18-55 VR lens. I will try that out for a while and see if I need to upgrade the lens.