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Caimen vs Waterman 18

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I fish the Louisiana Marsh, spend a lot of time poling quite shallow, but a lot of what I fish requires some significant open water crossings. I'm in the market for a new to me skiff. Given the choice of a Caimen or a Waterman 18, similarly rigged and priced close enough for it to not be a factor, which would you choose and why? Any other strong recommendations in the 18 foot range for those criteria, and again, why? Thanks.
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I have fished on both extensively. They both ride pretty similar in the rough stuff, as in neither of them is ideal but very very doable with a skilled driver. Caimen will be drier and slightly smoother, Waterman runs skinnier with a JP. Both pole skinny enough for 98% of situations out there but I prefer poling the waterman. I give the edge to the waterman 18 for the extra stability and roomier cockpit all things being considered. Especially if it’s a Tom built waterman pre-reissue from HB.

Trolling motors are a non-starter for either skiff :)
Atta boy Caleb. I've been wondering when that would creep in! :D
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