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Caimen vs Waterman 18

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I fish the Louisiana Marsh, spend a lot of time poling quite shallow, but a lot of what I fish requires some significant open water crossings. I'm in the market for a new to me skiff. Given the choice of a Caimen or a Waterman 18, similarly rigged and priced close enough for it to not be a factor, which would you choose and why? Any other strong recommendations in the 18 foot range for those criteria, and again, why? Thanks.
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I had always wanted a waterman and was all set to buy but changed my mined after riding the Evo x slightly different boat but draft and pole similar. I like the Evo a little better on the pole. More dry storage and large deck area front and back plus it sits higher in the water and felt more comfortable for those days fishing off the beach. I also prefer the closed bilge over the open ones on the HB and I couldn’t commit to the side console. if those were my only two choices I may still lean to the waterman over the caimen.
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