SOLD/EXPIRED "C-Stick" Pin Anchors & Parts

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    Just in time for Christmas!

    I made the first "C-Stick" skinny water anchor for myself.  Then, after testing I made a few more for my friends. I use nylon straps with loops on the end that secure to the stern tie down eyes or poling platform.  You can double the nylon strap to make it longer if you want to anchor from the front cleat or bow eye.  I didn't want to drill any holes or install any brackets on the transom of my restored Challenger skiff, so no bracket as of yet.

    The 5/8" diameter (Black) is best suited for boats 20' and under in length while the 3/4" diameter (White) is suitable for any size boat up to large bay and tower boats.  When used on the flats, pin type anchors are superior in every aspect compared to conventional anchors. One fishing trip and you'll be hooked!

    I just made up a batch of 5/8" x 8' and 3/4" x 8' with carbon fiber handles and fiberglass handles.  The Carbon Fiber handle models are a limited edition made out of a G.Loomis push pole.

    I've had many requests from "do it yourself" types that only wanted the blank rods, so they can make their own pin anchors. I've included prices for individual parts and complete kits (less epoxy) if you prefer to make you own customized stick. Each kit comes with detailed instructions.

    *Lifetime Warranty on fiberglass rods and handles.*

    I'm located in Lakeland, FL.  You can pick up directly from me or I'll be happy to ship.


    Bob Ph# 863-686-1116  email:

    C-Stick Price List:

    5/8" x 8' C-Stick w/ 2 nylon straps   $49.95

    3/4" x 8' C-Stick w/ 2 nylon straps   $54.95

    * Add $5.00 for Carbon Graphite Handle (while they last)

    C-Stick "Kit" Price List:

    Includes: Fiberglass rod, Fiberglass handle, end caps, 2 nylon straps and instructions.

    5/8" x 8' C-Stick Kit $37.95

    3/4" x 8' C-Stick Kit $39.95

    C-Stick Parts Price List:

    5/8" x 8' Blank Rod (Black) $22.00

    3/4" x 8' Blank Rod (White) $25.00

    Fiberglass Handle    $8.00

    Vinyl End Caps  $3.00 (per pair)

    16" Nylon Straps     $5.00 (per pair)

    Here are a few pics:

    5/8" x 8' Carbon Fiber handle on left.     3/4" x 8' Carbon Fiber handle on right.

    C-Stick - 5/8" x 8' with Carbon Fiber handle

    C-Stick - 3/4" x 8' with Carbon Fiber handle

    C-Stick - 5/8" x 8' with Fiberglass handle


    Nylon straps to secure boat to the anchor.

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    We just got one recently, and it works like a chanp!

  3. Snookdaddy

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    Thanks Roto,

    Demand has been very good. I have C-Sticks going out to Louisiana, South Carolina and everywhere in Florida.

    I appreciate your business!

  4. Lowroad

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    South Carolina reporting in, works just fine, great product. Thank you. :)
  5. Snookdaddy

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    Shipped another one to South Carolina today!
  6. Snookdaddy

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    Hope to see some of you guys at the Tampa Tribune Fishing Show Feb. 27 - March 1st.
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    Will you have any available for purchase at the show?

    Can you make custom lengths?

    Any more carbon fiber left?

    feel free to PM