BYOPP - Build your own Push Pole

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    BYOPP - Build your own Push Pole

    The Mangrove push pole by TFO are 56" carbon fiber sections are joined with "ferrules". The push pole that can easily be shipped right to your door. You then carefully put the pieces together using epoxy/cement and off you go!
    See Pushing the NMZ Skinny! for dealer and cost options.

    How to assemble your new TFO pushpole.
    by Capt. Scot Graham

    This is real easy, just take your time and read these instructions!

    A few things you will need:

    1. A high quality epoxy, such as West Systems epoxy.
    2. Cheap paint brushes for applying epoxy.
    3. Acetone.
    4. Clean rags/ and a full roll of paper towels
    5. 40-80 grit sand paper
    6. Masking tape, or duct tape.
    7. Patience! Don't rush it.

    Always wear proper safety equipment when sanding, mixing, and handling resins.

    Safety glasses, gloves, a dust mask, and adequate ventilation are necessary for assembly.

    Follow the manufacturers safety instructions on the epoxy and acetone labels.

    *You may notice some ferrules will fit looser than others, this is normal as the mandrels are tapered. The epoxy will fill the gaps tight.


    Four easy steps.


    As with any molded composite product, there is a release agent applied to the mold to get the product off/ out when it has cured. We need to clean the mold release residue from the pole sections, the ferrules, and the point and foot or the sections will not bond.

    Step 1: Sand
    Take your sand paper and scuff sand the inside of each pole section to about six inches (tape sandpaper to a wood dowel or broom stick) and the outside of each ferrule, as well as the point and foot fittings. ***You will get a better bonding bite if you sand in a circular motion around each piece as opposed to up and down the length of each piece


    Step 2: Clean
    With paper towels, liberally apply acetone and wipe the inside of each pole section, the outside of each ferrule, and the male sections of the point and foot (try not to get any on the visible sections of the point and foot as it may stain or deform the nylon).

    Step 3: Set up to glue
    If you run your hand up and down the push pole section, you will notice a "grain" to it, this is due to the orientation of the graphite tape. We want all sections to have the grain going the same direction so...

    We will "match mark" each section with tape.

    First, orient each section so the grain is going the same direction.

    Let's say we're assembling a four piece pole, on one end of the first section we will leave it blank, for the point or foot (no tape). On the other end we will put a piece of tape lengthwise about an inch from the end w/ a line on it. Set section one aside.

    On section two we will put a piece of tape on the corresponding end that will match up to section one w/ a line on it. On the other end of section two, we will place a piece of tape with two lines on it. Set section two aside.

    On section three we will put a piece of tape w/ two lines to the end corresponding to section two, and a piece w/ three lines on the other end.

    On section four put a piece of tape w/ three lines to the end corresponding to section three. Leave the other end of section four blank for the point or foot.

    Now, check your work. Place all corresponding match marks together and make sure the grain all goes the same direction.


    Measure the halfway point on each ferrule and place tape w/ an arrow pointing to this line.



    Step 4: Let's Glue it up!
    We're going to be gluing in three steps. This is where you need to take your time and don't rush it!
    Don't mix more epoxy than you think you will need for three joints.
    For the first step we will need Pole sections one, two, and three, and three ferrules.

    ***If you touched any part w/ your hands that will be a glued surface, you must re-clean w/ acetone before gluing. The oils in your skin will compromise the bond***

    1: Start with pole section one on the end that has match mark ONE.

    Now put a liberal coating of epoxy on ONE half of the ferrule up to the center mark on the tape. Assemble the ferrule with a twisting motion to get full coverage. When the ferrule is into the pole section up to the centerline, clean all excess resin w/ acetone, set aside. Now repeat with pole section two and the second ferrule at match mark TWO. And then the third section at match mark THREE.


    Once pieces are glued up, place two pieces of tape lengthwise from each pole section to ferrule to hold the ferrule from pushing out.

    Place all glued pieces on a horizontal surface (like a table) with a light weight (such as a rag) on top of your sections, turn them each one quarter turn every two minutes to assure centering of the ferrule.

    Let both sections fully set up (per epoxy instructions) before proceeding to the next step.


    2: Peel off ferrule center mark tape (don't touch your match marks, yet!)

    Apply epoxy to the ferrule at match mark one of section one,


    Now apply epoxy to ferrule match mark two on section two. Repeat w/ section three to four.


    Glue in the point, DO NOT glue the foot, yet!


    Clean off excess. Tape these joints lengthwise to help avoid slippage while curing. On a flat surface, turn entire pole one quarter turn every two minutes while epoxy sets up.

    3: Now you add the foot, clean excess, tape to hold, and let cure.


    It is best to let the pole cure for at least twenty four hours before applying pressure to it. If you followed the instructions your multi piece pole will be as strong as a one piece pole, if you pop a ferule out, you didn't prep good enough. Clean, sand, and glue again.

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    Nice job capt jan it looks really good.

    but i think you messed up in step one!! it says a FULL roll of paper towels. Your roll is clearly only half full ;D ;D

    Really thought it looks like that push poll is the way to go, easy to assemble, light weight, and seams like it should be strong!!

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    Where can I get one of those stickers???? :cool:
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    I have a couple, once the project NMZ is done. I'll get you some
  5. That is pretty darn cool. Neat set-up.
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    Awsome ... I'd have to invite my Favorite Police Lutenent over During Construction ... :D (Ignorant Neighbors Smell Acetone ...)

    Ill have to try using one of theese ... ( We need a polling Video )

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    I think his roll is half empty [smiley=1-lmao.gif]
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    I would also like a couple Mangrove stickers or decals, any ideas on where? ;)
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    Is there a reason not to use jbweld like the instructions say?
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    Is it possible to add a section to this pole later? I built one last year, but wish it was longer. Think I could cut off the tip and add a new ferrule and 4' blank?
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    thank you for this, very helpful!
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    Thank you for the guide. I am building my 24' mangrove today.
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    You should be able to exactly as you are thinking. I was wondering the same thing as I was building my mangrove today. If I wore out a tip how would I replace it? Cut the tip off and glue a new one in. Should be no issues.