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Builders pitfalls

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With all of the great builds going on at one time it might be an appropriate time to have a discussion.

These builds get people fired up and chase their dream of building a boat or starting a business.

These guys commissioned plans to be drawn up and they set sail full speed ahead. But down the line they got in over their heads and abandoned ship.

Certainly not trying to belittle anyone but when you try unconventional methods of building your business depends on a plan B.

If you stick with conventional metholds you can get things rolling and then afford some experimenting.

Listen to what others are telling you and you will be fine.

This build certainly is not the lone scenario, there have been quite a few builds where the OP simply disappears and there was a started hull recently for sale.

One of the best builds ever on here stalled and vanished when he was nearly ready to drop a motor on. He was documenting the build on 3 sites and he went dark on all 3 at the same time.

I enjoy the builds as much as everyone else. I don't enjoy watching people go off a cliff or vanish.

Please build responsibly!
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Ducknut... I’m curious as to where your build page is? I see you talking a lot, but all I could find was a thread where you sold a 15’ Whaler and talked about people using unconventional methods and how they fail. Did enjoy the one where you didn’t think the “dems” should spend 5bil on the Coronavirus though.

Here’s the deal: failure is ALWAYS an option. Go nuts, try weird shit. I’m not banking on skiff money... I don’t even want to build the things professionally. It’s hard work and I have the utmost respect for anyone who does. I’m just trying to put something out into the world that addresses so many of the compromises that other companies have made trying to get out there. Foam plug construction is far from an unproven method. Google shows a dozen instances. Climate control, or maybe foam layering method, were the downfall. Oh well. I had a plan B all along, just wasn’t that concerned.

Sorry to revisit an old thread.
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