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At we make boat building easy! You can order a complete kit from us, or we can build you a custom kit for your personal custom skiff like non-other.
build this skiff for under 3k!
At BBC we have all the tool and supply's you need, also the knowledge of boat builders from around the world. At our forums we have how to videos and hundreds of threads dedicated to your boat building experience. you can also e-mail me directly for any help you may need.

We have a large influx of new costumers, this means the sooner you get your order in the sooner we can get it out to you! 

BBC has been selling boat plans and kits all over the world since 1993. Boatbuildercentral is a industry leader in CNC boat kits, we have over 80 models with new models every year. check out to view all models of boats. Be sure you e-mail [email protected] for special deals.

Jeff Warner, Sales Manager
E-Boat Inc.
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