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    Hey guys I was just talking to my little brother today, he is 20, and he was saying that he has taken up a new hobby. He started to tie his own bucktails and is in the process of taking it to the next level which would be to market them since he has been catching quite a few fish with these homemade jigs. He is mainly using red/white or pink/white on a 3/8 ounce jighead but he has also been trying to mimic the local baitfish of south florida(pilchards) by tying white,tan,green, and some mylar jigs. I told him to sign up here on microskiff.com and start posting it up! Is 3.50 a jig a fair price if he were to try and sell these little guys? I think shipping will be relatively cheap if he does the flat rate deal. Just wondering what you all thought, thats all.

    My main question to you all is what colors do you prefer in a buctail that is relatively small(1/4oz to 3/4oz)???

    By the way, here are a few pics of his recent bucktails.


    He also has a 14ft project skiff that is in shambles at the moment, I mean SHAMBLES! He mainly snook fishes off of Boca Inlet with these jigs and always seems to come home with pics of fattie snook. More pics to come!
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    sfsurfr Oh you fancy huh!!!

    "Custom" Bucktail tying device!!!

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    I should have thought of that as a type of clamp. I tried tying some flies and had to use a little redneck-tech, but it wouldnt and didnt work as well as that.
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    I think thats fair. I sometimes have a difficult time finding bucktails that I like the "look" of, but I like the look of those.
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    The eye of the hook is located in the right place on most if not all of the jigs. If I am going to pay $3.50/each I would expect the finest stainless steel hooks and nylon tying thread. Also powder coat with a heat cure to avoid chipping and sctatching (teeth) as much as possible.

    The lures look good. In the keys I used "Millies" bucktails for years and they weren't cheap. My favorite all time bucktail is a "Nylure" chrome head in pale yellow or green. I still have a few cards left, but don't think they are made anymore.

    I wish him the best