SOLD/EXPIRED Browning bows FS

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    I have a Browning Mirage SR in excellent shape I will sell for 200.00
    60% let off 45-70# draw weight, cobra front stabilizer, redhead 5 pin front sight, kwikee kwiver, felt sling. This is a nice set up at a good price.

    I also have a Browning Bridger. It is an older bow that I got when I was in the 9th grade- shot it all through highschool. Panda has been shooting it- 60% let off 30-50# draw weigh. It has a 2 pin sight, a game getter stabilizer and is a great starter compound. The main string finaly broke on it this season- 50.00 as is, or 100.00 if I get a new string for it (string prob only costs around 25.00 fyi) both bows will come with a release~

    your welcome to come out and shoot any time.