SOLD/EXPIRED Brownie's third lung for sale or trade

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by TomFL, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. TomFL

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    I bought a brand new brownie's third lung 390 system set up for 3 divers (you can add a 4th diver to this system with their add-a-diver kit) about 3 weeks ago and have used it once, for about an hour and a half. It has been stored inside in the air conditioning, and after I used it everything was rinsed with freshwater and dried off. Needless to say it is in absolutely brand new condition. Comes with all manuals, spare O-rings, fittings, plug wrench and I even bought a spare spark plug for it as well.

    Brand new these run $3600 plus tax/shipping, I'm asking $3150 cash or would be interested in trading for an LT hull.

    Will post pics on Monday

    Best way to contact me is through PM here, or on my cell 772-521-9990. Please no calls after 10PM.


  2. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    pic attached


  3. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Derails removed... Tom good luck with the sale. It's a very nice unit.

    If you are not interested in this product or have no intentions on purchasing it from Tom... please do not post.
  4. stickwaver

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    That is very cool. What did you use it for?
  5. TomFL

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    Well, long story. My 13 year old nephew comes to visit me for one week every year.

    Last year we went to the keys for 2 days and he fell in love with snorkeling off the dock and on the flats (wasn't his first time but he caught the bug last year) and he caught a few lobster, and we had them for dinner--his first FL lobster dinner.

    All he talked about all year was coming back to FL and going to the keys and going lobstering. Well actually that and catching lizards.

    I had even contemplated selling my redfisher last year (you can look through my old posts on MHP forum) but decided to keep it another year to fish the fall mullet run and to take him back down to the keys again this year.

    I came across the brownie's and couldn't resist, figured we could go every year and make it a family thing. So this year, my folks, my Sis and my nephew flew in for 10 days, and we had a house rented in the keys for a week starting the Saturday before the storm hit.

    Well needless to say, we couldn't get to the keys with a hurricane bearing down, the house rental was a wash, we dove here locally for one morning with pea-soup visiblity before the wind picked up, and to top it all off my nephew had a real problem with equalizing his ears at anything below 6' deep (my Sis warned me about his ear problems prior but I hoped it wouldn't be an issue) and wound up with an ear infection.

    Sooo... Sis says no more diving for him, and I can't justify keeping the brownie's as I have a few friends with them and have always gone out with those guys and used theirs over the years, that's how I got hooked using them. And I know what you're thinking, why didn't I just borrow theirs, right? Well honestly they didn't want to loan them out without their presence, especially not knowing my nephew, and I can't say as I blame them the way things are these days.

    As an extra kicker, two of my friends actually paired up on a purchase of another 390 unit the week after I bought mine. Timing is everything they say, if they'd have waited a week or two I'd have sold them this one.

    So now the boat and the brownie's is up for sale. The boat's seen a little use over the years of course, and the brownie's has basically zero. We unwrapped the plastic off everything in the bag, dove for maybe an hour, and went home. That's it.

    Someone's honestly gonna get a good deal on this one. Granted I won't get my initial investment back, but I'd just like to get what I can out of it and roll the $$ into something we have fun doing together as a family.

    Either that or put it toward a trade it for an LT25 and/or 20-25 HP motor. Those are good "family" items, no?? ;)

  6. captnron

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    Yep. I think mine is the exact same model and may face the same fate. I think this is the last weekend of scallop season and plan to try and get my kids out with the thing.

    I use mine a little different and kind of for what I call "lazy snorkeling". I leave it on the boat and throw the hose and regulators over board. This way someone stays on the boat while a couple dive and a third can join in or not. Keeps everybody together and near the boat and swimming well below the surface is much easier than on top. Also prevents the red backs and calves ;) We are normally less than 20 feet and since it's on board, very easy to fuel should it run out.

    Anybody that has ever had to do a "bottom scrubbing" on a sailboat knows what this thing is all about. Makes the job EZPZ but I'll never do it again without ear plugs. Little critters that are on the hull get scrubbed off and look for new habitat immediately. The ear canal seems to suit them just fine. :eek:

    I used to build my own rigs (still have parts) but Brownie has always been the Cadillac and the reason I bought one.

    I love tank diving but never invested. These things just make life way too easy.
  7. TomFL

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    I hear ya Ron. More lobster than you'll EVER be able to catch in less than 20' of water for sure, heck less than 15' even. Using this thing is almost like cheating it makes it too easy.

  8. captnron

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    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. ;)
  9. deerfly

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    bully netting them at night in 2' of water is even easier and you don't need sunscreen, no water in the ears either. :cool:
  10. Tom

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    bully netting them at night in 2' of water is even easier and you don't need sunscreen, no water in the ears either.  :cool:[/quote]

  11. TomFL

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    Gigging flounder at night can be a whole lot easier than finding them in the daytime too, but I ain't gonna sell all my fishing rods! ;)

  12. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    New price, $2,950 and I'll throw in some new dive weights to boot.

  13. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    OK, this thing's gotta go. FIrst reasonable offer takes it.  

    Call me at 772-521-9990 or PM me.


    OR if there are any Benelli dealers on here, I'd be willing to work a trade on a new SBE....
  14. TomFL

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    For those that have called and asked what dive weights are included:

    They are all soft weights (pellets in bags)
    Five 5lb weights=25lbs
    Two 4lb weights= 8lbs
    Two 2lb weights= 4lbs

    Total is 37lbs. Check your local dive store, weights are selling for $4.50 per pound!! This is $166.50 worth of dive weights included.
  15. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    Alright, price drop as I'd like to see this thing outta my hands.

    $2,700 with the weights and let's get it outta here. Will be willing to deliver within 40 miles of Palm City, FL via major routes only, as in meet at a 95 or turnpike exit.

    Call me 772-521-9990 before 10PM

  16. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    If anyone from up north is interested in this unit, I can bring it with me to the rally Saturday.

  17. snooknreds2

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    Tom I hope you get rid of this thing soon. When used correctly hooka rigs can be very usefull
  18. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    Anyone out there looking to trade for a Classic setup??????

    Keeping the Hewes and am looking for something between the hi-sider and it, classic might work nicely in my travels.

  19. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    Alright this thing needs to go!

    Somehow (another) boat wound up following me home the other day and I need to get rid of this unit to close the hatchet wounds from my wife....!!

    I'm lowering the price on this thing to $2,250 without the weights, add $75 if you want the weights too.

    Call me at 772-521-9990

  20. TomFL

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