SOLD/EXPIRED Brand New 2010 Hell’s Bay Skate

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  1. UCFishin19

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    Hey fellow microskiffer's here's a posting for a brand new 2010 HB Skate that I have for sale. Details and pricing are below. Please email me instead of PM'ing questions me cause I don't get a chance to check the boards as often as I'd like and I don't think I have it set up to notify me when I get a PM. Thanks.

    Brand New 2010 Hell’s Bay Boatworks Skate technical poling skiff with 15hp (2 stroke) Yamaha tiller and custom HB aluminum Ramlin trailer

    One of the most recent additions to the Hell’s Bay fleet of skiffs, this ultra skinny water and technical skiff was produced to get into just about any backwaters you can imagine. Weighing in at only 250lbs this skiff is car-toppable and the hull can be picked up by two men to access remote launching locations, without the need for a formal boat ramp, and be easily used to access popular No Motor Zones with the removal of the tiller engine.  Though this package is small, no attention to detail was overlooked, and all of the standard premium materials and construction methods that Hell’s Bay includes in all of their other models, are also used in this hull design such as Vacuum-Bagged Core Cell construction, 100% Vinly ester resin, Carbon Kevlar Hull, incorporated spray rails in the hull, non-skid deck, and heavy duty rub rails. Though designed to be the ultimate 2-man backcountry skiff, the Skate is simple and stealthy enough for a single angler to fish efficiently and effectively as well.

    LOA: 12’9”
    Beam: 3’9”
    Draft: 3” (w/fuel and 15hp tiller)
    Weight: 250lbs (dry)
    Fuel: 6 gal. (Aluminum baffled and powder coated)
    Max HP: 15

    Other Equipment
    Forward and Rear quiet & dry storage compartments w/ rubber gaskets
    Carpeted rod racks for 4 under gunnels
    Anodized aluminum poling platform w/SeaDek top
    Stiffy push pole holders
    Moonlight Marine hatch springs
    500gph Rule Bilge pump
    Odyssey Battery
    Seat Cushion

    Price: Retail is $16,000 Make reasonable offer

    For more details, offers, questions, contact Matt at:


  2. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

    These are my favorite micro ever! I was wondering why noone has one on the site.. Good luck with the sale

  3. gfish

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    That looks like a great skiff!
    Good luck.
  4. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    That things bitchin!!
  5. AfterHours2

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    Looks like the Mercedes version of the Gladesman. Nice boat and good luck with the sale.. ;)
  6. Flpt

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    Sickest micro I've ever fished on.
  7. tom_in_orl

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    I apologize for cleaning this one up but please do not make comments in for sale threads that may hurt someones ability to sell their boat. If the boat is not to your liking that doesn't mean you need to take pot shots at it. I understand its a fine line but you are always welcome to start you own thread elsewhere.

    Thank you
  8. oysterbreath

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    Such a sweet lil skiff. Now this would be my ideal Solo boat! Good luck with the sale. I heard rumor that HB might stop production on this one due only to logistics. If so, then all the more reason to pick one up before they're gone!
  9. UCFishin19

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    They might be...the Skate is no longer listed on the website under boat models. Thanks for the compliments guys. This is one sweet little skiff.
  10. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

  11. mark_gardner

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    very nice skiff ;) good luck on the sale :cool:
  12. UCFishin19

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    Bump. Sale pending!
  13. UCFishin19

    UCFishin19 Well-Known Member

    Sold. The boat will be gettin skinny for both fishing and waterfowl hunting in Texas.