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Bradenton Area boat?

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New guy and Canadian here. Retiring in 4 years and I have started squirrelling away for a skiff. I will be settling in Bradenton area for winter/spring and love to flyfish the area but also spinfish with. visitors too

Looking for a boat I can fish trout in Sarasota Bay in calmer weekdays, but mostly interested in fly fishing shallow snook, reds and jacks in the winter as I hear they move into creeks and rivers and lagoons at this time. Would also like the ability to target tarpon on. All days one beaches too but that may be too much to ask of one boat????

I have some limited experience flyfishing on foot in Marco Island area and done some bonefish and permit flyfishing too but am a newbie to saltwater flyfishing overall.

I really need guidance as to what skiff can handle the Bay but still get me shallow for shallow fly angling. Please offer your suggestions in 7-12,000range.

Thanks so much everyone!!