SOLD/EXPIRED BPS 12v 36lb trolling motor *****SOLD PENDING FUNDS*****

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    As you can see, this motor is in pristine condition right out of the BPS catalog  ;).

    I spent hours buffing and waxing it prior to taking the pics.  ;)

    I had to wait till just the right time of day to get the lighting the way I wanted it in the photo to bring out all the detail in the motor. ;)

    OK, if you've made it past all that BS, you'll see I sprayed it in drab color to use on the duck boat a time or two.

    It works fine, but it'll never win a fashion contest. Will make someone happy if you can live with the color.



    $25 to a forum member, free to anyone who hooks me up on a date with Jessica Simpson.

    PM me or call me at 772-521-9990

    Will be bringing it to the East coast bash with me if it doesn't sell prior..


    I will also sell just the cable ends seperately for those who just can't live without them.  ;)

    Also I will part out the any screw on it that a forum member wants. Or the throttle handle cover.... or....;) ;) ;) ;)