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The plans for my Boron 17.9 design are finished now. These are very detailed CNC useable plans for the amateur or professional builder. Nathan and I have gone to lengths to get the details right with this design.
The design is for those that would like to build in either aluminum, plywood or the lightest being foam core.
This design consists of a variable dead-rise vee bottom incorporating my Chines and strake details to be able to run as dry and effortlessly as possible with the lowest hp needed.
This hull shape is a refinement of the long used vee bottom shape with new thinking.
The hull will displace 1400 lbs at 6” of draft so will be able to carry a good load compared to the other hard chine designs out there now.
The plans consist of 11 sheets. Shown are just a few of the sheets.
Cost for this design is $350.00 with all the email questions answered to go along with your build. To purchase contact Nathan at [email protected] and for more info contact me at spanktheme[email protected]
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