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    I'm not sure where this belongs. Mod's please feel free to relocate.

    Ok here is the deal I want to bolt my motor to the transom.  Which normally is pretty straight forward, the only worry I have is adding more holes to the transom.  See picture below.


    Previously the transom had a Bob's Mini Jackplate then later a Riser Plate from CG.  I would not mind running the Bob's Mini, however I want to secure the engine before running this weekend.  To run a safety chain/rope would not be difficult, except there is no tie off point, at least that I am comfortable with.  If you notice the bottom of the transom does have eye bolts, with the eyes outside.  Should I just turn one/both around & re-silicon in for now?

    Sorry for the rambling & thanks for your help.

  2. B.Lee

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    I would just bolt it thru the bracket as designed. If you change it later, some epoxy and a little filler will fill those holes like they were never there. Just make sure you seal the new holes good when you put the bolts in.

  3. Brett

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    Small holes, white hull...white marine-tex.
    It is an epoxy with a filler, ready to use.
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