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Bob's Low Water intake issues

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I just bought an 01 HPXT with a 70hp Yamaha and bob's low water intake nosecone on the lower unit. It doesnt have a jackplate, and I run the LLM in South Texas so i have to run skinny. The last two trips out, Ive overheated after trying to get up in mud, burned up one water pump for sure, replaced it, and may have burned up the new one this past weekend. The low water intakes are sucking everything off the bottom and clogging up. I have come to the conclusion that I either need a jackplate or get rid of the bob's lower unit and go back to the traditional. This leads me to my questions:

1. which would you recommend: jackplate and keep the nose cone or just replace the lower unit?

2. i was able to limp back home on this last trip, but the engine is still not peeing much when i flush it and not at all if i just try and flush it through the nose cone flush kit...what is the best way to check to see if I've burned up the pump again, and if I havent burned it up, how do I unclog the system to get better water flow through that nose cone and all the way through the engine?
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This may not be the news you are looking for but the low water pickup just doesn't work with running shallows. I've watched how much sand they suck up in clear water and its ALOT. Bobs makes another pickup that's on top of the bullet instead of below which they say is much better for flats fishing.
to flush the sand out, pull the thermostat housing off, thermostat out, and lower unit off and blast the hose into the thermostat housing and it should blast everything out the copper water tube that goes to the lower unit.
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