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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by Tricks, Sep 21, 2009.

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    New to the forum and in need of some advice. I recently bought the Gheenoe Classic rig in pic below. I found it here on It is equipped with a Merc 25HP short shaft which I believe weighs ~112-115lbs. This past weekend at the boat ramp, another Gheenoe owner made it a point to tell me that my trailer was too small for the Gheenoe and pointed out that I would likely run into transom problems if I did not replace with a trailer to better support the transom/motor.

    The bottom outside edge of the transom is exactly 20 inches from the back end of the trailer bunk. So it has quite a bit of overhang. You can see it in the pic. The trailer is a Continental EC3-900 and is spec’d for 12-14’ boats. The Classic is 15’6”, so I am inclined to think I need to replace the trailer, as there is no room in the trailer tongue to slide everything forward.

    Any advice or input from those of you with knowledge of the Gheenoe. Should I replace the trailer? Hope not!
  2. Brett

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    Easy fix, move the winch post forward a bit and then build longer bunks.

    Daytona Kemo did...

  3. TomFL

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    Yes, that should be corrected before you run into possible issues. It's a pretty simple fix so that's good.

    Post any questions!

  4. firecat1981

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    to be honest if you can't slide the winch any further foward then it might be better to look at a new trailer cause the bunks are gonna have to come out way far.

    or as another cheaper option just go buy a longer trailer tongue so you can move the winch up another foot or 2, any trailer shop should be able to set you up
  5. Frank_Sebastian

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    I would opt for the longer trailer tongue. That is what I did on my first Gheenoe. Continental trailer sold me a longer tongue. I can't remember how much so it must have been within reason.

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  6. Taterides

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    A longer tongue should do the trick. Another option would be the Fulton hinge kit for a folding tongue and 2 feet of material. No need for a new trailer. Longer bunks are not nearly as strong as a longer tongue.
  7. Tom_C

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    With a Classic the best thing to do is add a center bunk.


  8. mark_gardner

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    assuming you can move the winch post up a little more thats the first thing to do, if your outta room then you either need to add some more tongue or sell the trailer and buy one that fits correctly, the problem your likely to encounter with the bunks not supporting the transom well enough is whats called a "hook" and basically that can hurt top end speed, i dont see this being as big of a problem on a smaller boat like a gheenoe but can really hurt your perfomance on a bigger boat with more h.p.
  9. JaredFacemyer

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    I had a 12ft jet ski trailer for my classic, and I moved the winch all the way up. If that doesnt work then do like everyone else said and see about getting a longed tounge. I was told by Pugar not to have more than 10-12in of the boat hanging off with a motor on.
  10. Tricks

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    Guys, thanks for all the feedback. Great to have a place/resource with folks who are passionate about the world of skinny water boats.

    I believe I will go the route of buying a longer trailer tongue. Also like the center bunk idea offered up.

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    Flint, Welcome to the form....Nice noe.