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Boat storage box

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Picked up a new to me boat that lacks any storage for my tackle or other things I need to keep dry. I’ve been looking at various dry boxes such as yeti go box, roam boxes, etc. but nothing has really stood out. I would like something heavy enough that it doesn’t really move a whole lot while running and trailering. I’m also considering just using a cheaper yeti alternative roto molded cooler as a dry box too. Any opinions or suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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A couple of these might work for you. I love Plano because they are made in USA and fairly affordable. I ran across this last month at the tackle shop. I’m about to buy two for my skiff.

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I have a couple of these boxes and they work pretty good. The latches want to pop off when they are not latched but otherwise nice for the price. I keep them in my garage to store reels and lines. With the right Plano boxes to fit inside they’d be pretty slick
I’ve also thought about using the boxes that are made for the decked drawers system. They have a handle on top and seem to be a little heavier built than the Plano boxes
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