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Boat storage box

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Picked up a new to me boat that lacks any storage for my tackle or other things I need to keep dry. I’ve been looking at various dry boxes such as yeti go box, roam boxes, etc. but nothing has really stood out. I would like something heavy enough that it doesn’t really move a whole lot while running and trailering. I’m also considering just using a cheaper yeti alternative roto molded cooler as a dry box too. Any opinions or suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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Check out this one if you want something bigger than the yeti. Magellan Outdoors Pro 50 L Waterproof Gear Box | Academy

they make them in 22, 50 and 92L. Great boxes that open from both sides. If you order one make sure it comes with the divider and tray. I got two from Academy that didn't include them and had to return one before they figured it out.
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