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Boat shipper/hauler

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Ft. Lauderdale to Boatbrains in Homosassa

There was a gentleman named Doug who was recommended here. Hauls for Chittum I think it was said. I had his number but can't find it and searching the threads came up empty.

If anyone has his number or another referral it would be much appreciated.

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If you don't mind, what was the cost? I may be in need to have on brought to Houston.
I paid about 800 I think? Texas does require a bill of landing. This can be as simple as the email from UShip, BUT it has to be signed and dated and timed with a real pen and ink signature for TPW. At first I didn't have it and I actually tracked Doug down when he was in New Jersey and he faxed a signature to TPW on a hand written document. They were total PITA to deal with on a used FL boat. Bill of sale needed for the boat, motor and trailer with a separate value assigned to each and BOS signed by the previous owner who is signing over the titles. Finally got my titles and TX numbers about 3 trips later. ALSO Don’t let TPW charge tax for the trailer because the state of Texas will do that when you apply for your tag. Small FL trailers are not titled so you will have to apply for one which includes an “inspection” (total BS) and a police certification to verify the VIN number was not stolen. Mine actually came up with 2 trailers: a stolen cattle trailer from LA and my RamLin. For the trailer you may need a dry weight as well. The lady at the court house in Corpus Christi really hassled me about it but I trumped her fat ass by having RamLin fax the original build sheet for my specific VIN number. All in all quite a hassle buying a used FL boat for TX but totally worth it.
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