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    I had a thought. Many of you are also kayakers. Some of you whom kayak have aftermarket seats. There is a popular seat made by surf to summit that is mini-cell foam laminated in some sort of thin nylon fabric. The fabric is thin enough to allow the foam to flex yet tough enough to resist frictional degradation and tear out.


    I think something like this could be done for a DIY boat seat. Just a basic rectangular boat seat about 2-3" thick. I could integrate some drainage grooves like the actual kayak seat by simply using a router too. Building this would require a low pressure vacuum table (I think) and some sort of spray adhesive. In the past, for architectural boards I have used 3M 77. For this application I do not think 3M 77 would be desirable for obvious reasons. So, does anyone know of another spray adhesive suitable for outdoor wet conditions? If anyone has any insider info on how Surf to summit does would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Update: Found some more info;

    Looks like this guy used contact cement on his seat.
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    In aviation we use a product called 3M 1300L  super tough and flexible. Basically a rubber cement, However it dose contain MEK and acetone. If it EATS the foam a coat of wood glue or school glue will protect it. just be sure to apply a light even coat to both materials and let it flash dry to the touch. Then apply your fabric carefully!!!! if you get it wrong your stuck!!!!    :mad: