Blonde car repair.

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    A young blonde had some dents in her car that she wanted fixed. She goes to a body shop for an estimate and the guy tells her she can fix the car herself really easy if she will do just as he says. She goes home and gets out of the car goes to rear of it and disappears. Her room mate watching from the window of the house (also a blonde) gets worried about her when she doesn't reappear soon. The room mate goes out and finds her behind the car on her knees. She asks what's going on and the 1st blonde tells her the body shop story and that the man told her if she would put her mouth over the tailpipe and blow really hard all the dents would pop out. The 2nd blonde begins to laugh telling her it will never work but the 1st blond gives i a try anyway and nothing happens. She blows harder and harder still nothing, all the time the 2nd blonde is rolling in laughter. The 1st one asks "why are you laughing so hard" the 2nd one points and says, "stupid you left the windows down."

    I don"t care who you are that is funny.