SOLD/EXPIRED black lab up for adoption

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  1. mark_gardner

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    hey guys i need to find a good loving home for my boy "chopper" hes a male black lab and a little over 3 years old that i got from a lab breeder in georgia, akc champion blood line and a good looking boy who needs love and attention, unfortunately my lifestyle has changed in such a way that i find it hard to give him the attention he deserves and cannot continue to burden my family with the task of driving over daily to feed and let him out so i am hoping someone out there might want him and can provide him with a loving safe home. he loves kids and people in general and have never seen him act out in aggression or show his teeth to anyone.... he's the biggest baby you've ever seen  however if someones snooping around on the otherside of the fence and he doesnt know you he will bark to let you know hes there. he's not fixed yet and could help make some beautiful babies if breeding is your desire... he's in jacksonville fl. and i would prefer to find someone close to north florida but will consider all options. please p.m. me here for further info...thanks

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    What a great looking dog. Thats a bummer good luck with the search.

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    He is a great looking lab! If you don't find someone that wants him, please check out central Florida Labrador rescue. It's an awesome organization that will find a home for him. I adopted my lab from them 7 years ago!
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    thanks guys, i get compliments on him everywhere i go, hes such a good natured dog who loves others dogs big and small, when he was a bit younger during one of his vet visits the doc mentioned that he has good hips as i know this is a concern with the lab breed. he loves the boat and jumps rite in when ever we go...all you have to do is say "get in the boat" and hes in and ready to go :)

  6. skeeterlagoonlost

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    What a beautiful lab. Is he still available? I am very interested. Thanks
  7. salt_life

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    skeeterlagoonlost.good man hope you get him !No dog specialy a lab deserves to be alone!Southbound good man doing the right thing,good luck to all
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    How's your son doing with Chopper?