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Pass... most of what I know how to do was learned the hard way - and should have come with a box of band-aids.... When we all laugh at some newbie making every mistake in the book while trying to launch his (or her) boat at the ramp - it ought to come with the painful memories of the things we've all done before we learned better....

By the way, what I've been calling a cam jack is actually one of these...
a Springfield Marine Quick Jack - at least that's what the manufacturer calls it. There's a half dozen of them on E-Bay right now and they make different sizes (and strengths) as well. Mine is patterned a slight bit differently but is pretty much the same, very handy item when you've got a flat on your boat trailer (as long as you can get to your axle... if not then you're going to need that bottle jack....).
I have a cam jack, love it
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