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Biscayne nights - tarpon and other adventures

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The night before last in Biscayne Bay we put two in the air on the fly... Small fish in the 20 to 30lb range, 9wt rod, in very marginal conditions (water temps in the barely 70 to 67 degree range, wind out of the north northeast at 10 to 15..). In a few days with the forecasted milder weather and water temps, things should get better - but pretty good for only four hours on the water.... and a european angler who only gets to fish the salt once a year...

When the night scene is on... we're looking at every fish we're tossing flies or lures at.... The smaller fish are much more tolerant of cold water than the big tarpon are...

That night I also had a bit more adventure than I was looking for... I dropped off my angler then ran back up to the 79th Street ramp and found a real circus going on... Seems that someone with a nearly new shiny white Cadillac Escalade had managed to launch both his trailer and that nice new Caddy - all at the same time.... There were divers in the water, wreckers standing by and even a couple of uniforms there to direct traffic - all in all thoroughly tying up the ramps (every one of them...). The only thing they needed was someone selling tickets... An hour later I was finally able to haul out and head home - but the adventure was just beginning... In heavy four or five lane traffic northbound on I-95 I popped a tire on my trailer - in the inside lane... No fun - and with as little excitement as possible I made it across all those lanes of heavy traffic to the side of the road... The traffic - all at high speeds was so heavy that at first I was hesitant to even open my door... then the usual routine - gloves for my hands, a big 1/2 inch breaker bar, then a quick cam jack, and a new tire to replace the shredded one... Pop a steel belted radial at highway speeds - and you're lucky not to lose the fender as well... All I lost were the courtesy side lights... then finally home. When you spend enough hours on the road towing a trailer of any kind you learn to sort out whatever happens - occasionally even in a pouring rain.... And if anyone asks - thats why I go down the road with two spare tires for a single axle trailer...

Be a hero... take a kid fishing !

This is also the time for gift certificates for that special angler.. A gift certificate for a fishing trip - days down in the Everglades out of Flamingo or Chokoloskee, nights in Biscayne Bay or Jupiter... You give the certificate the angler gets to choose when they go during the following year... Call if interested (954) 435-5666
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