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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TomFL, Sep 18, 2010.

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    That is a huge one.

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    Seems they underestimated the weight on the first link, see here:
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    That is one BIG gator. Although I don't mind hunting, I wonder what the life of a big 'ol gator like that was like and whether being shot by a hunter was a "worthy" enough death for it. I would picture a creature like that dying of old age or being ousted by a younger stronger male.  :-/
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    The question of the ages, do you want to go out in your prime and on top of your game, or a washed up has been that can't defend yourself any more? Good thing gators don't think like that. :)
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    Definately the most humane way. He'd more than likely not die of old age, but be killed by a rival, younger/stronger/bigger gator at some point.

    There really isn't a better way to do it than get a line in 'em and one shot to the back of the head. They sink like a rock if you don't have anything attached to them, so the food/trophy would go to waste if not for the line.

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    I live about 30 min from where she got him. I thought I had seen some dinasours on Merritt Island preserve when I lived in T-ville. This thing was huge. Only 40lbs of meat was able to be harvested from this monster. I also started gator hunting when I moved to SC. This was the 3rd year of a season. We have had several attacks recently(no fatalities-just limbs) and the population is out of hand. My first thought was how many animals and fish have went down his throught in his life time. :eek: