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Best website/company for fly tying materials???

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I'm sure this has been discussed on this site, but I can't find the thread. Soooo...What website offers the best quality, price, and service for fly tying materials? I'm sure you all have a backup for the actual trip to the fly shop. Thanks for the help.....
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As a rookie at this sport.. we have no local fly shop, being the "Fishing Capitol of the World" you'd think there would be ore or more in every city, but online shopping and BPS has put them out of business.
BPS (Dania) has a small supply of some stuff, and if you can find someone in the fly shop to help you they actually do have a couple people who seem to know what they are talking about.

I have been shopping, usually on flea bay, at a couple sellars who have a good selection and in-stock products. Both have been good on shipping quickly and efficiently, usually delivered to my mailbox in 3-4 days or less.
Old Florida (Free shipping, but located in Floriday you pay sales tax)
FlyArtist (Flat reasonable fee shipping, but no tax)
I have shopped around online, due to lack of local shop, picked up a name or two from your (MS'rs) answers and have to give props to.

Old Florida Fly Shop.. purchased both on their web-site and also from their flea-bay store. Pricewise they are basically MSRP, but have very good service. I find the selection, or perhaps the search methods, are better on their web-site rather than their flea-bay store.
On every order there has been good communication, package is usually shipped (free) that day or the next, and being local in Florida my order is here at my house within 2 or 3 days.

Name brand stuff I have found a flea-bay seller/store that has also been a good source, good selection of name brand materials, communicates and ships very quickly (shipping is $3.95), prices are generally less than MSRP.

Fly Tyers Dungeon, has some really good prices for their materials, good selection, communicates and ships quickly as well..

Thx for your help.
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