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Best Trailer Bearings?

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The dry launch thread got me thinking about bearings.

I normally replace with Timken components when I can. Sometimes if I'm in a bind I have had to replace with no name shelf parts that were available.

I also notice my bearings never usually seem to last as long as the factory set. What's the deal with that?

So what's your favorite bearings for your boat trailer?
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Never had to change them on the biat trailer, none of them in 30 years. I must be lucky.
Timken are what I use on my trucks, tractor and other equipment.
Timken makes fantastic bearings but I think keeping the grease free of water is much more important than the manufacturer of the bearing.
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Not these run of mill made in China from trailer part store. View attachment 124344
When only the best is good enough
I blew out a few cheap tractor supply hub kits before I put Vortex hubs on my trailer. 3 years of heavy use including long trips from SC to FL and no issue so far.
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